2019 June: PrimeVax receives IND permission from FDA for dengue virus clinical trials.

2019 January: PrimeVax's clinical trial is now live on www.clinicaltrials.gov

2018 November: PrimeVax received permission from FDA on their IND to begin clinical trial. 

2018 May: PrimeVax completed a new round of angel funding. 

2018 February: PrimeVax submitted their IND application to FDA. 

2017 May: PrimeVax presents at the World Immunotherapy Congress on May 23, 2017: http://www.terrapinn.com/conference/immunotherapy-congress-usa/2017-Agenda.stm 

2017 March: PrimeVax presents at the Biocom Global Life Science Partnering Conference on March 2, 2017: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/primevax-immuno-oncology-to-present-at-biocom-global-life-science-partnering-conference-300411608.html?tc=eml_cleartime

2017 January: PrimeVax has demonstrated the same killing effects in metastatic lung and breast tumor cell lines. 

2016 November: PrimeVax has generated significant cytokine increases in white blood cells (PBMC) due to dengue virus infection. 

2016 September: PrimeVax has demonstrated multiple mechanisms of action in killing metastatic melanoma tumor cells in in-vitro experiments. 

2015 October: PrimeVax has conducted a pre-IND meeting with the FDA with a clear and agreed path toward IND filing. 

2015 February: PrimeVax has formally commenced clinical development planning.