Technology Overview

PV-001 is a novel combination immunotherapy leveraging the dengue virus adjuvant and an autologous dendritic cell therapy.






This combination activates multiple immune mechanisms to kill cancer cells. Both the dengue virus and autologous dendritic cells have been individually injected into human patients in clinical literature:

  1. DV: Dengue-1 virus #45AZ5 to activate the immune system.
    The dengue virus activates both of the body's innate and adaptive immune functions. PrimeVax's dengue virus strain has been shown to have zero mortality rate, and has been shown in clinical studies in non-cancer patients to have a tolerable adverse event profile.  

  2. DC: Autologous dendritic cells to direct the activated immune system toward the patient's tumors. 
    An autologous dendritic cell vaccine derived from the patient’s own white blood and tumor cells, dendritic cells teach T-cells the antigenic information of the patient's own tumors. They also have been shown in data sets submitted to FDA to have immunostimulatory properties that can lead to switching the body's immune function from TH2 to TH1. 

In combination, DV + DC induce immune mechanisms that are intended to have multiple effects in the body at the same time, yet with a demonstrated tolerable safety profile. 

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