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Startup Operator (San Francisco)


Internal Job ID: 00001SFNY

USA – San Francisco


Congratulations, if you’ve come across this job posting, you are witnessing history in the making. This is the job posting for PrimeVax’s first ever external hire. Our goal? To build the only one-time one-week cancer treatment, in order to greatly improve cancer patients’ lives.


We are looking for a Startup Operator who is sharp as a whip, able to pivot on a dime, and follow along with two incredibly hard working entrepreneur founders to run a clinical trial, manufacture our drug, and build company infrastructure. While this is a relatively junior position to start, we want to coach this person to take on more and more operational capacity, with the goal of grooming this person to be increasingly prominent both within the firm and within the pharma / biotech industry. Compensation and title would reflect with increased responsibility over time commensurate with performance. We are rapidly outgrowing our very nimble small team of 2 full time cofounders, and now want to add to our team.


This role will have a 10 – 30% travel requirement, paid for by the company. You would be expected to go with us to the primary places we operate and work with us to successfully complete our clinical trials to drive company value. You should be based in San Francisco to work at the company office with the flexibility to travel to Chicago, the New York City area, or Upstate New York (e.g., Syracuse, Rochester). We are frequently in those cities, and travel between them.


Do you have what it takes? See if this is you:


Role and Responsibilities

The Startup Operator will work directly with PrimeVax’s CEO and CTO to perform operational work to drive the company forward. Up to this point, we have done everything ourselves, but now we are growing and need to bring on-board someone who can share the workload and the rewards. Primary responsibilities include:

  • Start off by assisting the completion of clinical and business documentation: clinical trial protocol, manufacturing protocol, regulatory filings, PowerPoint slide decks, budgets, and other operational documents.

  • Analyze situations in which we are working with hospitals, manufacturing partners, and other contractors, roll up your sleeves and work with us on the operational action items, as well as suggest to us where we can improve.

  • Become familiar with clinical trial strategy, manufacturing methodology, commercialization strategy, and be able to cohesively communicate that with us and external stakeholders.

  • Coordinate meetings between us as the core team, with our team of expert advisers, and with external partners / stakeholders.

  • Attend meetings with stakeholders as required and as appropriate; take notes and tabulate follow-ups for us as a team on relevant tasks.

  • Learn to review contracts and understand budgeting.

  • Conduct ad-hoc analyses of new ideas via Excel and other quantification tools; communicate the results to the two co-founders.

  • Participate in internal meetings and help prioritize our strategy to move forward.

  • Learn about our intellectual property portfolio and manage the supporting documentation therein.

  • Help us improve data and file management, perhaps with a Dropbox or other shared data service that allows us to scale as we grow to even more employees.

  • Help with updating the website with relevant news, coordinate press release schedules, and other external facing activities.

  • Complete admin items like book travel, manage calendars, book meetings, schedule appointments, work with our bookkeeper, our tax accountants, make copies, send documents, etc.


We have gotten this far only by doing things very differently than everyone else, and we expect the same of you. We are not looking for another cookie cutter person who wants to work 9 to 5 and always have perfect work-life balance. We need someone who wants to dive in and deliver on results, and who wants to be rewarded for it as we continue our astronomical growth rate.

  • Above all else, you must have grit. Ability to tough it out, think clearly in high pressure situations, and have a desire to work with a team who has given their lives to get us where we are now.

  • Natural curiosity, drive toward self-improvement, and demonstrated ability make an impact. You must innately want to contribute to both science and business to bring into reality world-changing products.

  • Ability to learn from, and be minimally discouraged by, failure. It’s okay to mess up, it’s not okay to not learn from it.

  • Expert note-taker. We take a lot of notes. It’s how we stay organized and not drop the ball.

  • Process-oriented and detail-oriented mindset. You must think in the nuts and bolts of how complex ideas and structures are put together.

  • Impact-analysis mindset. The only certainty we have in the future is change. When something changes, you must instinctively think about what impact that change may have on our strategy, our timelines, our operations, our budget, our patients, our competition, etc.

  • Communication skills. Having the ability to articulate complex ideas at both a detailed level and a complex level, and knowing the appropriate time to do which, is very important. 

  • 2 – 4 years of high performance as a startup operator (e.g., first 10 employees), a clinical research coordinator, an immunology wet lab technician, a strategy consultant, an analyst at a financial services firm, or other relevant role, in a high functioning / multi-skill set capacity.

  • Understanding of science immunology, wet lab procedures, manufacturing specifications, and process documentation greatly preferred.

  • The more understanding / experience of the following, the better: oncology, immunology, cell biology, virology, the immuno-oncology landscape.

  • The more understanding / experience of the following, the better: startup methodologies, management principles, sales / business development, website / social media management.

  • Years of Microsoft office suite software experience required, some design knowledge preferred.

About PrimeVax Immuno-Oncology, Inc.

PrimeVax Immuno-Oncology, Inc. is a fundamentally different biotech. We are building the only one-time one-week cancer treatment in the world. We believe we are least 2 standard deviations out from the norm. Our patented technology leverages a dengue virus and an autologous dendritic cell therapy in rapid succession. We intend to generate a very strong innate and adaptive immune reaction at the same time, while also redirecting that immune reaction toward the patient’s own tumors antigens.


At PrimeVax, we like to think of ourselves as the “anti-checkpoint inhibitors,” as in, we are not content with just being another targeted therapy. And between our starting our first clinical trial, improving our drug portfolio, figuring out patient recruitment strategy, and building better relationships with big pharmaceutical companies, it is a very exciting time to join PrimeVax.




A TBA starting salary plus significantly more stock options than industry standards. We want to give more reward to high performers. Annual renegotiation of salary and additional option grants commensurate with performance and company progress / financing milestones.


EEO Disclaimer

PrimeVax Immuno-Oncology, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.  Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to legally protected status, which in the US includes race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.



If interested in applying, please prepare your resume and/or portfolio to match the above job description, and email it to