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As of mid 2019, PrimeVax is a fully clinically-enabled biotech with existing human safety data. Trial sites are currently being mobilized prior to patient enrollment. 

Technology Platform

PrimeVax’s therapy is a combination dendritic cell and virus therapy that is designed to identify and then eradicate tumor cells within the body. See below a summary of our technology:


Autologous DC



Patient’s own dendritic cells combined with patient’s own cancer cells. 

Dengue Virus


Virus greatly boosts patient’s immune system.


Already established as safe approach for increasing CTL by the FDA. 

Dengue virus kills tumors on contact and also have whole-body fever inducing capabilities

Our treatment is currently designed as an in-patient therapy on the basis of a hospital stay and patient monitoring procedures. To date, our therapeutic approach has been shown to work pre-clinically in melanoma, lung, and breast tumors. We intend to apply our technology to at least 17 different cancer types.