About Us

Leadership Team


Tony is responsible for setting strategy and implementing the entirety of PrimeVax's clinical operations. Tony works closely with the PrimeVax Scientific Advisory Board to ensure that all strategies are supported by robust science and carried out correctly per oncology best practices. 


Tony’s experience spans management and strategy consulting, clinical research services, and the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Prior to leading PrimeVax, Tony helped launch drugs in immuno-oncology and rare diseases. Prior to this role, Tony helped implement the Affordable Care Act at HHS. 


Tony has extensive knowledge of healthcare systems, the current drivers of change, and their implications on PrimeVax’s development strategy. 


Our mission is to treat patients who have failed prior therapies, and to contribute to the scientific literature with new treatment modalities. 

We intend to develop a cancer immunotherapy specifically targeting cancer cells resistant to prior treatments. We believe we can build upon the current success of checkpoint inhibitors and modified T-cell therapies to achieve higher rates of clinical response while maintaining patient safety.